Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a courier company delivers comes to deliver outside our business?

We will provide you a notice that you can stick on your front door requesting a delivery guy to come back on a different time window.

What to do when the courier company requires a signature for delivery confirmation?

You should sign on a confirmation as it is just a proof that you have received a package.

What to do if all packages are from the same retailer and customers have similar first and last names?

We advise that you request the customer to share their tracking number and match that tracking number with the tracking number on their package. Retailers always provide a tracking number via email.

Can all my staff have the Local Postal app?

Yes, as the owner you can add as many staff members as you would like through the Local Postal portal. They just have to download our partners/merchant app from Apple App or Google Play Store.

I am not operationally involved in my business, can I hand over my admin rights to senior staff?

Absolutely, while adding your staff in your portal, you can choose to give your staff 'admin rights'. It is to be noted that, staff with admin rights can offer promotions / discounts and make changes to your business operational hours on your behalf.

What should I do with oversized packages?

According to our policy we do not accept any package over 80 linear inches. However, anything over 80 linear inches that you CAN accept YOU SHOULD accept. Please note that 80 linear inches is more indicative number. For oversized packages you will be paid $ 2 per oversized package. Technically, anything over 80 linear inches that you cannot accept due to size constraints, please do not accept package from the courier company.

When does Local Postal pay me?

We will transfer your cumulative share into the bank account on file by the 10th of every month for your previous month's service. Please note, our payment system is still manual therefore there may be some variance in the actual payment date.

Do I charge customers at my business location for using the Local Postal service?

No, customers credit card will be charged automatically by our system when you complete the job on your app. Whatever the customer buys from your business will be charged as normal by you.

How do I measure the size of each package?

Use a measuring tape or just give yourself a general idea of different package sizes. Please note, a linear inch is length x breadth x width.

What do I do if am running out space for packages?

We suggest that you mark yourself as 'inactive' in your Local Postal portal. Please note, only staff with admin rights can mark your business as 'inactive'.

Can I offer exclusive discounts to Local Postal customers?

Yes, you can offer exclusive discounts to Local Postal customers only. This will also help keep these customers coming back.

Can I return or choose not to accept package from a delivery person if the package is in a bad condition?

No. The decision to return a package is not up to you. We do suggest that you take a picture of the package as proof that it arrived damaged from the courier company. The customer will sort this issue out with the respective companies after collection of package..

HWhat happens if there is more than one package associated with a single customer request?

In some cases, one order arrives in multiple packages, in that case our app allows you to add more than one package under each requests. Please note, since our pricing is based on a per package model, it is important to add all packages associated with that request. Failure to do so will impact your monetary share.

How do I mark package as 'oversized'?

Our partner app allows your to mark each package as 'oversized', when relevant.

What happens if there are two packages associated with one order, but one is oversized and one is not?

In this case you will mark only one package as oversized. As mentioned earlier, our app allows you to mark each package individually as oversized.

How does the pricing work for Local Postals?

For every package up to 50 linear inches we pay $0.75.
For packages between 50 and 80 linear inches, we pay and $2.00.

What happens when a customer comes to my business to pick up a package, but the package is not on my arrived list?

You should act depending on which scenario you are in:
Scenario # 1: Package exists in your expected package list:
It's possible that your staff did not mark it as 'arrived', so now you just go ahead and mark it as arrived which will send a code to the customer on his or her app. The customer will also receive this code via email. You can now scan code and hand over the package.
Scenario # 2: Package has not been delivered yet and customer arrived early in excitement?
Ask the customer to show you the delivery notification from the courier as that will help them realize that the package has not yet been delivered. Additionally, you can explain the process to the customer as to how they will receive an email from Local Postal when their package arrives.
Scenario # 3: Customer forgets to create a request on the Local Postal system and your staff also accepted the delivery from the courier. It's also possible that customer gave your business address as his delivery address to a retailer without creating a request. In this situation ask the customer to create a request using their Local Postal customer app, which will take a few seconds, once this is done, that request will show in your expected packages list, and you can follow our established process from there on.

Can I handover a package to customers without scanning a code?

No. Never handover a package without scanning the code.

What steps should I follow when a package arrives at my location from the courier company?

  • Check your queue of expected packages on your app to ensure a request exists.
  • After finding a request, mark it as arrived which will trigger an email to the customer and will also update customer data on his / her app.
  • Before safely storing package(s), always ensure number of packages associated with a request because sometimes there is more than 1 package with a single purchase. Also take note of the package size so that you know beforehand if the package is oversized or not.
Please note, these steps are just guidelines to help you operate effectively, you are welcome to follow the process that works best for you. Also, feel free to share your process with us on so that we can share with other partners as a best practice example. Remember, our objective is to ensure customers receive their package safely and with satisfaction.

What steps should i follow when customers come to pick up their packages?

  • You should first request them to present their QR Code, and then scan it.
  • Upon successful scan, go get their package/s from wherever you keep it at your location.
  • Update your screen by adding packages to the request and marking them as oversized if need be.
  • Please note, alway update your app screen AFTER verbally informing customers about the number of packages and their package sizes.
  • After updating your screen mark the job as finished and handover package/s to the customer.

Are there package storage guidelines?

Just ensure customer packages are stored in a safe and dry place. We are not concerned with the exact location of package storage at your location, we trust your judgement.

Am I responsible for what's inside the package

No. Local Postal LLC or you, are not responsible for what is inside the package. You are only responsible for the safety of packages once they arrive at your location. For example, ensuring that packages are not stolen from your location or your staff is not mishandling customer packages.

Should i have any dedicated staff or counter for Local Postal customers

Different process will work for different businesses, we let you decide on the best process for your business. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and the most effective process would be the one that works for you and ensures customer satisfaction

Can I cancel my Local Postal membership / account? How?

Yes. All you have to do is email us on requesting us to cancel your membership. Before cancelling your account, our team will ensure that you don't have any expected packages and arrived packages in your queue. Please note, your account can only be canceled If there are no packages in your expected or undelivered queue. After cancelling your account, Local Postal LLC will transfer the money owed to you into your bank account within 14 days of an actual cancellation. In the even your business owes us any money, we will send you an invoice for the amount owed by you to Local Postal LLC for you to settle within 14 days from the date of receipt of such notice.

How should I contact Local Postal if I have any feedback, complaint or queries

Please feel free to contact us on for any feedback, complaint or query. We really appreciate your feedback or your complaint. Always mention your phone number in your email if your query is of urgent nature